Helpful Tips for Resume

Before you submit your CV / Resume, there are certain pieces of information which are very useful to know upfront, and will mean we can speed things up in terms of processing CVs. Here is a quick check-list to bear in mind:

  • If you accepted a position, what would be your availability in terms of time frame?
  • Your age or birth date?
  • Your nationality?
  • Your current salary?
  • Do you have any particular salary expectations, or minimum salary requirements?
  • For future reference, specific companies you would prefer that we NOT talk with, or companies where you know that your CV has already been submitted.
  • Do you have any location preferences, or restrictions?
  • Not essential, but incorporating a small portrait photograph in your CV often helps with presentation. If you happen to have such a photograph, do include it please. No problem if you prefer not to.
  • What languages do you speak and write?